Visitors from UK at “Sluka’s Roost”.

We had visitors from UK. Alan, Leigh, Andy and Graham (from left to right) made their way to Airhero in Kbely.

What a great surprise that was when the doorbell rang and the four men appeared in front of us. They were warmly welcomed by Uli Dembinski (behind Leigh) our President and CEO who gave spontaneously a factory tour. What marvellous fun that was for the four.

Their appearance out of the blue boosted our already strong motivation to bolster this project forward even more. They find the idea of giving everybody “bird’s eye view” so great that they came to see us. This proves again the great acceptance of our Sluka by the customer and the idea to Fly 4 Fun as we have experienced it at the AeroExpo 2017 in Wycombe, UK.

We are sending a big thank you to Alan Mawman, Leigh Johnson, Andy McCoye and Graham Davies for their effort to come to see us in the “Sluka’s Roost”. You are real Airheros!

Swing the Wing! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!