Uli Dembinski revived the Sluka

With the intention to give everyone a bird’s eye view the famous german acrobatic pilot Uli Dembinski created the brand Airhero in 2015  for the purpose to foster general aviation for everybody. Fly for Fun, Low cost of acquisition and operation as well as robustness and safety where paramount criteria for Dembinski on his search for an appropriate design.

The operational requirements are derived from the fact that more than two-thirds of all leisure flights take place

  • in good weather conditions,
  • with one person on board,
  • begin and end at the same airfield and
  • don’t last longer then one hour.

The Czech ultralight aircraft Sluka LK-2 designed and manufactured by Letov a.s. in the late eighties and early nineties is the perfect fit for leisure flying. Further appealed to Dembinski the concept of the airplane and the great potential of technological improvement. He bought one of these aircraft (OK-ZUU34) to evaluate the design and not much later he bought all intellectual property rights of the Sluka from the successor company of Letov a.s.

Airhero Sluka LK-2 OK-ZUU34
The Sluka LK-2 Uli Dembinski acquired Foto: František Ondráček

After getting the veteran designers of the Sluka, Jaroslav Kamarýt and Jan Šimůnek on board, the engine was changed from the original installation with the Rotax 447 and a two-bladed wooden propeller to a new installation with the Hirth F23 LW and a three-bladed ground adjustable composite propeller.

The weight and drag savings were notable in the performance of the so modified LK-2 aircraft.

Further uniting forces with some more of the legacy Sluka production personnel a modification program is started implementing the changes from the LK-2M to the LK-2H version which affects aerodynamics and performance on OK-ZUU34 our demonstrator and testbed called “Sharky”.  After thorough testing and evaluation of the modifications, the changes will be rolled into the successor model LK-2H design which will be modelled in 3D SolidWorks and represented as a digital twin of the real plane.

Swing the Wing! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!

3 thoughts on “Uli Dembinski revived the Sluka”

    1. I know Uli personally. As a charismatic leader of RT AG he has re-wimped the company to new highs allowing the firm bringing new products to the market and built the base for its profitable today.
      I wish all the very best to Airhero in bringing Sluka LK-2H to the market. I believe the aircraft will fulfill a highly desirable niche in the market

  1. What’s great about Sluka? It’s a brilliant idea to provide an affordable, easy to fly and safe aircraft to everyone and that way giving more people access to the sky.
    I know Uli Dembinski as an experienced acrobatic pilot and at the same time qualified company manager. Thus he knows well what the aircraft should be and how to achieve it.
    And he has really done it – Sluka is ready to change the world!

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