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AeroExpo UK 2018

Greetings to an aviation enthusiast!
Your thoughts and your support of Airhero made it possible for us to be at AeroExpo UK 2018!
We have been working on the improvement of our Sluka airplane and the “Simply Flying System” that includes hangar tent, a car pulled trailer and aircraft.
Over 1000 people came in touch with us during these exciting few days at Wycombe where we also introduced our new partner Stigo bike company.
The electric folding bike made by Stigo can be with you while you fly and then take you from landing to the place of your desire in 20 km radius.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of our Sluka LK-2H project here or on Facebook and Instagram.

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Sluka goes back on Flight Line

After a great time in Wycombe and the implementation of optimizations resulting from the first 3 hours of initial Flight Testing our “sharky” Sluka goes back on the Flight line to verify the changes applied.

The already very good results are expected to further improve the flight characteristics and performance beyond that ever seen with the legacy Sluka.

After completing the second campaign of Flight Tests we are looking forward to the results and will then traverse into the endurance testing. It means we will be traveling around in Europe. That will be great fun and we hope to see lots of Sluka friends on our tour.

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Visitors from UK at “Sluka’s Roost”.


We had visitors from UK. Alan, Leigh, Andy and Graham (from left to right) made their way to Airhero in Kbely.

What a great surprise that was when the doorbell rang and the four man appeared in front of us. They where warmly welcomed by Uli Dembinski (behind Leigh) our President and CEO who gave spontaneously a factory tour. What marvelous fun that was for the four.

Their appearance out of the blue boosted our already strong motivation to bolster this project forward even more. They find the idea of giving everybody “an access to the sky” so great that they came to see us. This proofs again the great acceptance of our Sluka by the customer and the idea to Fly 4 Fun as we have experienced it at the AeroExpo 2017 in Wycombe, UK.

We are sending a big thank you to Alan Mawman, Leigh Johnson, Andy McCoye and Graham Davies for their effort to come to see us in the “Sluka’s Roost”. You are real Airheros!

Come with us! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!



AeroExpo UK 2017 was great!!!!!

Dear friends and Sluka lovers,

we had such a great time at Wycombe Airpark!

Andrey, Dušan, Petr, Gennadi and Uli are overwhelmed by the warm welcome of our “sharky” Sluka. We had such a great response, that we will be very busy the next  few days to process all the addresses and interests. More then 20 Airheros have a firm interest in buying a fast build kit.

Many confirmed that this is the way to give an “access to the sky” for everyone. We had current and former Sluka owners visiting us and confirming great looks and design of our little bird.

We are very encouraged and so thankful for the many who stopped by.

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Sluka goes on the road.

One of the biggest financial burdens in owning a plane is the storage of it. It usually incurs quite high hangar fees. In some places the fees reach 150€ per month making a 1.800€ bill for one year. Our Sluka LK-2H is equipped with a smart wing folding mechanism allowing you to slim down the footprint appropriate for road transport in no more then 10 minutes. That way you can either share one hangar spot amongst 3 of your Sluka friends or you can take the Sluka home on our dedicated Sluka Trailer and store it on the trailer in a Party Tent. Our trailer is minimalistic in design and comes as a kit, therefore very price-worthy. It is specified for a maximum weight of 450 kg. With the Sluka loaded there are more then 150 kg left to that limit so you can beef it up even to a closed Trailer.

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Showcasing the Best in General Aviation

In order to present the Sluka to the public we bring our demonstrator plane to the AeroExpo UK 2017 in WYCOMBE AIR PARK.

We expect you “to look with your fingers” and ask “silly questions”. Our engineers and Uli Dembinski will be there to absorb all your inputs in order to flow as many ideas into the final design of the LK-2H.

This also serves the purpose to present the comprehensive set of update kits to the Sluka owner community.

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First flight successful!

In our endeavor to create the future – simple and for all – flying experience we have made a major step forward.

After obtaining the approval for flight-testing from the LAA on 9th of May our concept plane OK‑ZUU34 took off from Benešov Airfield on the 11th of May for the first time.

We are delighted by the results of the flight-testing so far and would like to express our deep appreciation for the contributions made by all our suppliers and supporters in this achievement.

What this accomplishes is the revival of the genuine Letov Sluka Design by Airhero s.r.o. and the validation of the changes to the design and the applied technologies introduced by Airhero s.r.o. making this famous aircraft coming back into the presence and the future.

Thanks to your support the Sluka will write aviation history for a second time by bringing fly-4-fun to the broad public. The Sluka will make flying really popular and thus enabling innovation and progress at the base category of airplanes stimulating the entire aviation industry.

We are looking forward to continuing our successful bond and thank all in advance for your loyalty in our strive to bring flying to everybody.

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Uli Dembinski has revived the Sluka

Airhero, s.r.o. was founded in August 2015 by the famous german acrobatic pilot Uli Dembinski. The company was created for the purpose to foster aviation for everybody. Fly for Fun, Low cost of acquisition and operation as well as robustness where paramount criteria for Dembinski on his search for an appropriate plane. As more then two thirds of all leisure flights take place with one person on board and last not even an hour the unique czech ultralight aircraft Sluka LK-2 appealed to Dembinski. He bought one of these aircraft (OK-ZUU34) to evaluate the design and not much later he bought all rights on the Sluka from the successor company of Letov a.s.

Airhero Sluka LK-2 OK-ZUU34
The Sluka LK-2 Uli Dembinski acquired to start the existence of Airhero, s.r.o. Foto: František Ondráček

After getting the original designers of the Sluka, Jaroslav Kamarýt and Jan Šimůnek on board he changed the engine from the original Rotax 447 to the Hirth F23 LW. With this aircraft he immediately won the Benešov “Santa Clause Challenge” in target landings in 2015.

Further uniting forces with some more of the legacy Sluka production personnel a modification program was started implementing the changes from the LK-2M to the LK-2H version which affect aerodynamics and performance on OK-ZUU34 our demonstrator and test bed. Derived from this activities is a comprehensive set of modification kits allowing the owners of legacy Slukas to upgrade their beloved plane. After thorough testing and evaluation of the modifications the changes will be rolled into the successor model LK-2H which will be modeled in 3D SolidWorks.

Find more details about the LK-2 and 2M modification kits here and the  specification of the successor LK-2H here.

Swing the Wing! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!

The Sluka has it’s own Web Site!

The Sluka LK-2 aircraft now has it’s own web site:

If you are owner or just a fan of ultralight aircraft, you must not miss on this! Stay in touch with us and you will experience the Come Back of the legend… Revival of the famous Sluka LK-2!

The Sluka LK-2 is a great airplane! It is small, very light, simple to fly and very safe, which is most important for the relevant clientele. As an emotional plane it is close to our hearts, is for fun but still a real airplane. It is most pleasuring to fly over the fields and discover the world with the birds eye view.

For this community of leisure pilots we have created this web site and that is why we start to build an official fan club. We plan to organize Sluka events, Aviatic days, take part on the Aviation Expositions in the world.

Come with us! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!