Sluka goes on the road.

One of the biggest financial burdens in owning a plane is the storage of it. It usually incurs quite high hangar fees. In some places the fees reach 150€ per month making a 1.800€ bill for one year. Our Sluka LK-2H is equipped with a smart wing folding mechanism allowing you to slim down the footprint appropriate for road transport in no more then 10 minutes. That way you can either share one hangar spot amongst 3 of your Sluka friends or you can take the Sluka home on our dedicated Sluka Trailer and store it on the trailer in a Party Tent. Our trailer is minimalistic in design and comes as a kit, therefore very price-worthy. It is specified for a maximum weight of 450 kg. With the Sluka loaded there are more then 150 kg left to that limit so you can beef it up even to a closed Trailer.

Come with us! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!

8 thoughts on “Sluka goes on the road.”

  1. Good concept with the trailer, saves money for the hall accommodation.

  2. This is great. Any idea when this will be available in the US?

  3. HI , CAN I COVERT MY SLUKA LK-2M with smart folding mechanism and how much will cost ?
    Do you produce wing covering (socks for the wings ) , horizontal and vertical stabilizer.
    How much cost each cover or full set – for all airplane
    If i measure porosity of the fabric of my old Sluka covers . HOW MUCH HAVE TO BE RESULT -SO TO BE MANDATORY TO CHANGE OLD COVERS ?
    Do you have all specifications and frame for the new engine Hirth and what is the price ?
    If i buy Hirth engine from you or from the Hirth – Germany will the price be the same ?
    Do you have price list of all your products that you offer for repair of old Sluka , modification parts , new assembled Sluka i fyou have above mentioned price list ,pls let me know hoew to find in your web site
    If you donot have this info i hope will be very appreciated from your potential customers to ahve available in your web site
    This will safe alot of time of the customers and you to sent and answer to all e mails and questions
    Thank you in advance for your attention

    1. Hi Slav,

      we are on it. You will be contacted immediately.

      Thank you for your request.

      Greetings from Prague!

  4. Hi everyone, any idea how much does cost a kit and a ready to fly Sluka LK-2H for EU?
    Thax for reply. Marek

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