Sluka goes back on Flight Line

Sluka after initial flight testing optimization

After a great time in Wycombe and the implementation of optimizations resulting from the first 3 hours of initial Flight Testing our “Sharky” Sluka goes back on the Flight line to verify the changes applied.

The already very good results are expected to further improve the flight characteristics and performance beyond that ever seen with the legacy Sluka.

After completing the second campaign of Flight Tests we are looking forward to the results and will then traverse into the endurance testing. It means we will be travelling around Europe. That will be great fun and we hope to see lots of Sluka friends on our tour.

Swing the Wing! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!

2 thoughts on “Sluka goes back on Flight Line”

  1. I am enjoying my present Sluka but she is lonely and another one is required for our hanger in Cambridgeshire ,lets start a squadron !!

  2. Hi John, where are you in Cambs? I have a TST, but Sluka looks awesome!

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