Showcasing the Best in General Aviation

In order to present the Sluka to the public, we bring our demonstrator plane to the AeroExpo UK 2017 in WYCOMBE AIR PARK.

We expect you “to look with your fingers” and ask “silly questions”. Our engineers and Uli Dembinski will be there to absorb all your inputs in order to flow as many ideas into the final design of the LK-2H.

This also serves the purpose to present the comprehensive set of update kits to the Sluka owner community.

Swing the Wing! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!

2 thoughts on “Showcasing the Best in General Aviation”

  1. A good and reliable aircraft for affordable flying. I hope that the revival of serial production will start soon and the aircraft will be a huge success.

    Especially in general aviation we need people who dare more. Using the example of LK-2H , we can learn how once successful concepts have been successful again.

    Good luck Airhero

    1. Dear Waldemar,

      many thanks for your great words. We are sure your opinion is wide spread and it takes just a spark to light the fire. We welcome you in this ever growing community of people to endeavor to create the future – simple and for all – flying experience.

      Come with us! Fly 4 Fun! Be an Airhero!


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