Service and Support

Spare Parts

Has the Sluka touched your heart but the time left it's marks on it? Don't hesitate to turn to us. We will do our best to get you the spare parts for the Sluka LK-2 and 2M you might need. We can fabricate to the original specs and drawings. Even the complicated structural items are no challenge for us.

Modification Kits

Your Sluka is great, but it could be even better! Upgrade the performance and look of your Sluka LK-2 or 2M with our do-it-yourself upgrade kits.
Airhero provides all parts, fasteners and instructions - you do the rest. You will make your aircraft better and at the same time you will enjoy the great and interesting update project of your Sluka.


If your Sluka LK-2 or 2M needs some repair or upgrade? You might need some help, advice or just to look into the technical drawings. We have taken over all of the genuine documentation from Letov the original designer and manufacturer. We would be more then happy to help you with any question regarding the Sluka LK-2 and 2M.