About Us

Airhero s.r.o is an aviation company located in Prague which develops and produces certified, state-of-the-art Airframes, Propulsion Units (engine & propeller) and associated parts (components, semi products, etc.) & appliances (electronic equipment). Airhero s.r.o. endeavors to traverse and certify technologies from other industry domains (e.g. automotive) for use in aviation empowering innovative, new and very cost effective solutions. Airhero s.r.o. fosters Aviation by having a truly high level of Safety & Quality and enabling cost efficient solutions in aviation with innovation. Airhero s.r.o. foremost goal is to make the world better & safer, to be helpful and to provide true customer value.

For more information about Airhero, s.r.o. visit www.Airhero.eu. Thank you for your interest.