Sluka, Ahoj!

Sluka is Coming Back!

She was in production only a few years. Nevertheless she has touched the heart of many. First it was a phenomen what then became a legend when Letov has discontinued the production of the Sluka and let all documentation sink to the deepest bottom of the archive. 
In 2015 Uli Dembinski came, founded Airhero, s.r.o., pulled the design back to the light and brought the Sluka back to the world.

What is the Sluka LK-2?

Letov LK-2 Sluka is a Czech made single-seat high-wing ultralight aircraft. First produced by the Letov aircraft factory in the 1990's as the LK-2 with type certificate. Later it was sold as LK-2M in a 51% Fast Build kit. Sluka is a simple, low-cost and easy to fly aircraft which contributed to a rapid growth of ultralight flying organized by then established Light Aircraft Association in the Czech Republic.
(Source: Wikipedia)